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What is Nuhair SMP ?

Nuhair SMP™  or Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) & Tricopigmentation refers to Non-Surgical tattooing of the scalp used for camouflaging purposes. Nuhair SMP™  can be used to camouflage baldness either as a standalone procedure for someone who does not want to undergo a hair transplant or combined with a hair transplant. At other times, Nuhair SMP™  can be used to camouflage a scar, for instance, a linear donor scar in the back of the head, with or without hair transplant into the scar.

Nuhair SMP™  is undertaken using a special machine outfitted with sterile, disposable instrumentation to deposit pigment at the surface of the scalp to decrease the color contrast between hair and bald scalp. Nuhair SMP™  is as much an art as it is a science, and we have extensive experience performing a variety of Nuhair SMP™  methods. Most oftentimes, the technique involves the placement of very fine minute, metabolically inert pigment granules below the epidermis with artistic strokes that are gradient matched to the hair or a shade darker than the native hair to simulate natural hairs. In short hairstyles, it can mimic natural hair and work very well with this type of hairstyle. In completely shaved heads, it can be used either to camouflage previous donor scars or to simulate hairs that would appear in a non-balding scalp. There are many different scenarios in which Nuhair SMP™  can be applied and there are a variety of methods used to accomplish those objectives. After a consultation, you can be guided on what method or combination of methods would suit you perfectly.

In our studio, Nuhair SMP™  is oftentimes used in two different situations, one to help camouflage scars and two, create visual density in both men and women. Nuhair SMP™  is a simple, fast, non-surgical, and potentially permanent method to camouflage scars that appear in hair-bearing areas. Nuhair SMP™  can be placed into all types of scars including linear donor scars in the back of the head, browlifting scars, facelift scars, traumatic scalp scars, post-skin cancer scalp scars, cleft-lip scars, etc.


>Ideal candidate

*Male or Female who have see-through hair but desire to create visual density
*Someone having a scar or a bald spot that shows though hairs and needs to be camouflaged
*Those suffering with Alopecia Totalis  & Alopecia Areata

>What to do

*Schedule your treatment.
*Plan on 2 to 3 sessions at 1 to 2 weeks apart.
*We will provide you instructions on what you need to know before and after the procedure.

>What to expect

*Immediately after the procedure, the treated area could look darker.
*The healing and settling of the pigment takes about 1- 2 weeks. Scalp and scar tissue absorb pigment differently than skin, causing sometimes the pigment to spread under the skin or to be absorbed. We will schedule a follow-up visit with you for evaluation and further planning.
*The see-through effect should diminish with the Nuhair SMP™ treatment.





















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