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About Us

BlueWaterHigh is a custom embroidery business that helps you make a statement. We provide a service to help you personalize a gift, customize work place attire and set your sports teams apart.

BlueWaterHigh is a locally owned Mother/Daughter business located in Jupiter, Florida.  We love helping small businesses  (and large) get their name out and making memories for families just like yours.
We have a large variety of the softest plush animals and blankeys that can be embroidered with names and/or initials. These are a great gift for a child to keep as a life long gift.

Fishing teams and charters….Get the Professional look..have your team’s name and/or your charter boat right on your crew’s shirts. Even have some for your customers to buy, wear and remember the great experience they had with you.

– Shirt
The shirt embroidery is getting more and more famous today because it is seen in the air of fashion. The fashion and trend goes on changing. In this change, the designs and patterns do change but not the shirt embroidery itself. You can see the embroidered works on the business apparels, casual wears and formals. The companies see the shirt embroidery from a promotional angle and have their logo or design embroidered on the shirts. You have different types of collars and sleeves and fittings in your shirt and you can make your works to suit the spot where the work goes.
In shirt embroidery, the company logo is normally embroidered on the left chest pocket. To personalize the product, you can even add an employee name on the right side. You have to keep these designs small enough to fit to the provided space comfortably. You have to check to see that they do not get too small to read. If you want to create a new look to your old shirt, you make shirt embroidery in the collar portion. The front portion of the collar gives you an opportunity to display your beautiful designs. You can convey the message of your taste through your shirts. The private schools make shirt embroidery on the uniform shirts to give them a unique look.
At the back beneath the collar region you can add your variety. You have to avoid irritating designs as this will cause discomfort to the wearer. You should not put embroidery on a shirt that requires heavy backings as this will not give you ease and comfort while wearing. A small logo or a few letters on the cuff will give a classy look of corporate identity.
When you think about the material for shirt embroidery, everyone thinks of woven cotton material or cotton polyester blend. However, the blends of polyester and cotton and silk will also give you a good look. Some types of materials are especially used for designing the working staffs. They are usually made in wickable fabrics with high content of synthetic materials. You can make the shirt embroidery on these types of shirts too. These types of fabrics absorb moisture from the skin and help it to evaporate.
You can use threads of vibrant colors and high sheen for shirt embroidery which will make a neat stylish appearance. You can find many shirt embroidery designs online and can try one that attracts you.

Embroidery Simplified

Embroidery is an art that is there for ages. This is done with the help of a needle and thread on the fabric to create a pattern. Though this is an age old craft, this is popular even today. Today you could see embroidery on almost everything; garments, t-shirts, school uniforms, seat covers, curtains and pillow covers. One can make a product personalized with the help of embroidery by stitching his name or logo over it. This is the reason why embroidery has gained much importance in the business world.
Embroidery is done on clothing to enhance the beauty and look of the product. This is mainly considered as a woman’s craft. This is the hobby of many ladies belonging to high class societies. They like to spend many hours embroidering shirts, coats, and pillow covers. There are various types of embroidery. Due to increasing demand for embroidery, machines were invented to make the work easier. The hand embroidery and machine embroidery are the two main types of works.
The machines used for embroidery are manufactured both for domestic purposes and industrial purposes. Today the embroidery machines are used to stitch artistic patterns on clothes. You have special types of threads for hand embroidery and machine embroidery. You need some other things for finishing an embroidery project such as needles, hoops, frames, scissors and fabrics. In the initial stage you may need an embroidery kit that contains all these things. Later on when you have mastered this art, you can buy things separately.
If you want to learn embroidery and do not know where to start you can start with embroidery kits or attend the classes conducted occasionally by experts in the field. You can also learn this great art by carefully reading the books that contain step by step instructions. With this you can learn many types of stitches.
The beginners may need such additional equipment like hoops. This is nothing but a simple wooden frame that has two rings in concentric circles to hold the fabric in place. This helps you to keep your fabric stretched and stable. You can customize your products with embroidery. The custom embroidery is done on various types of products like hats and wall hangings to display your company logo. This is used for promotional strategies. Patch work is a type of embroidery that is done to display one’s ranks and position among others in a team or organization. Enjoy this great art!



Embroidery- Thread

When you want to try your hand at embroidery, you want to have that special embroidery thread for the purpose. You have to get all the essential items ready in your hand before you start your project. The things that are needed are fabric on which you are going to make your pattern, the embroidery thread, the embroidery needle, stabilizers in case of machine embroidery, and the stencils. If you are going to make your embroidery with your hand you need a particular type of embroidery thread. On the other hand if you want to make this with machines, you need yet another type of it.
The embroidery thread is available in almost all the color shades and in different finishes such as silky finish, metallic finish and normal finish. The type of thread required would depend upon the purpose. If you are going to create a design for your kids then you have to select bright colors. On the other hand, when you are making a wall hanging to present to your friends, you have to impart a decent look to it. This could be made with the choice of colors of embroidery thread.
The embroidery thread is available in many materials, both natural materials such as cotton, wool and silk and artificial materials such as rayon, nylon and polyester. There are some common types of embroidery thread such as embroidery floss that come with six strands of thread. This is usually shiny and is made of cotton or silk blends. This is mostly used for cross stitch crafts and you can easily divide them into single strands.
Matte embroidery floss is another type of embroidery thread that has five strands. This is tightly twisted and has a matte finish. This is also called embroidery cotton. You have perle or pearl which is a non divisible thread that comes in different weights. Another famous variety of embroidery thread is crewel yarn which is used in crewel embroidery kits. This has two ply and is heavier than other type of threads as this is made up of natural or artificial wool. This is often used for stitching on heavy fabrics.
The Persian yarn is an embroidery thread that comprises three loosely twisted strands. This is mostly used in needlepoint. You also have tapestry yarn or tapestry wool. This has four strands and is tightly twisted. If you are looking for a lightweight type of embroidery thread then you will need another type known as Medici. You can buy any embroidery thread of your choice.

Embroidery – Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing was an unknown fact before a few decades, but now this has become very important in the sewing industry. It is all concerned with converting the embroidery pattern into digital program so that a person or machine can follow. Each part of the graphic should be converted into a stitch type so that they can be followed. Embroidery digitizing allows the final product to be previewed on a computer monitor before they are applied to the clothes. This helps you to make necessary changes when they are still in the form of digital images.
The most important advantage of embroidery digitizing is that when images are fed into the digitizing software, you can convert different colored areas into different stitch types separately. You can separate the color areas and digitize them one by one. After finishing the whole process of digitizing the entire graphic you will find the colors blend nicely into one another. You can make necessary changes in this stage to come out with good results. The end results of each technique in embroidery digitizing produces different results and are used for different purposes.
You have color blending options in this method. You may wish to blend two colors or just have only one. For example if you want to stitch a flowery pattern, having a color blending will give you great outcomes. On the other hand, when you are embroidering the logo of a company, the crisp color separation is a must. The embroidery digitizing software has both these capabilities included and the type of stitch varies to create desired effects.
There are so many usages of embroidery digitizing. They are utilized in business and personal niches. Many companies now provide their custom apparel with their company logo embroidered. These companies make use of advanced and expensive embroidery digitizing software. However if you are looking for one for your personal use you may go for less expensive ones that are less complex in features. They are capable of giving you good stitch patterns with beautiful color blending effects.
The embroidery digitizing software is very helpful for those who spend their leisure time in embroidery. It helps them to make great gifts. You can even convert the drawing of your child into a wall hanging with embroidery for a birthday or you can put the embroidery of the Santa Claus or Christmas tree on pillow cases to be given as a gift on Christmas. You can convert your old dress to glow with a new touch with fun designs. Have a nice time!

Image of brightly colored spools of thread used for embroidery work

Embroidery- Designs

The embroidery designs are done on fabric to add beauty to the cloth. You can do them with the help of sewing machines that have special embroidery options or with the help of a simple needle. You have to make use of special thread for embroidery designs which come in many color options. You have to make use of the frame for doing it neatly. Making use of the right needle is very important. The needles are available in different types and sizes. While doing embroidery, the needles have to be changed at particular time interval.  When you select the right needles you can make perfect designs.
The embroidery designs are also made with the help of special sewing machines. This is used to make patterns on jackets, shirts and sportswear. There are many types of machines and the higher end models have special functionality. They are computerized and capable of reading digital embroidery designs with certain software. You can find the embroidery designs online. Automatic machine embroidery saves time and you can create designs for many outfits in a short time frame.
There are so many types of embroidery designs and the pattern changes according to the prevailing fashion. Some of the popular collections that have great demand are logo embroidery, clothing embroidery designs, and household embroidery designs. The clothing embroidery designs are in the highest demand. This pattern is used on casual wear. You will find a number of designs online and you can download them and make use of them in programmed embroidery machines.
The embroidery designs that are used in household items such as pillows, curtains, bed sheets and carpets are called household embroidery designs. Logos and symbols of companies are proudly stitched on jackets, shirts and T-shirts and this is called logo embroidery designs. The companies, clubs and groups like to display their images on different products, but only professionals can make these designs as they involve high accuracy and precision.
The hand embroidery designs are created by the stitches and there are so many types of stitches such as back stitch, stem stitch, feather stitch, cross stitch and satin stitch. Before making designs on the clothes you have to master the art. You must take training for this so that you can come out with flawless designs. There are so many craft books out there to teach you the fundamentals of embroidery. This will give you instructions on five basic stitches. You can make artistic designs with them.

Embroidery – Custom

Custom embroidery is done according to one’s tastes and preferences. This is done as per the needs of a specific individual. You can make custom embroidery for your chairs, cabinets and other furniture covers. Also you can add your company logo to the seat covers and stitch the names on the shirts.
First thing that you should make note of in custom embroidery is to decide exactly what you want. Some would have their own tastes while others need the assistance of the professionals. For those who have simple logos, the custom embroidery is easy to design. You can ask the company to design the logo for you. They will charge you a digitizing fee and the finished designing will be fed directly into the embroidery machine.
When you are making custom embroidery you have to select the choice of colors yourself. Make sure that you use solid colors. The halftones and gradient colors would not look good when the work is finished. You can have the digitized image on jackets, bags, hats and other projects; this need not be limited to just furniture. When you are entrusting your custom embroidery with a company, you have to give your specifications. A good company could make any embroidery design beautifully.

Some companies want to create custom embroidery on their employees’ uniforms or they may want to have a customized design for a specific event. In this case you will have to make your orders with the company. Select the right choice of companies when you place your order. If you want custom embroidery to be done on hats, you need a special type of machines. These machines have special attachments which help you to stitch the patterns on hats. The hats have a curved surface and so creating custom embroidery on these hats requires expensive machines.

Another main reason why custom embroidery is preferred most is because it provides you a clean and crisp look. The logos, when embroidered, last for longer periods of time than the inks when applied in screen and digital printing. If you want to get cheaper in cost you have to select simpler designs. Also when the order is bigger, the cost of customization would be more and vice versa. You can personalize corporate jackets, t-shirts, caps and bags. You can avail the facility of technologically advanced embroidery machines to create custom embroidery. You can make them with multiple thread colors. Good Luck!


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